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Greek and Cypriot shoppers can find General Mills products such Old El Paso Mexican kits, Nature Valley bars, Green Giant corn and Betty Crocker mixes.

Betty Crocker
It's quite a lineup. The world over.

Fresh potatoes. Great-tasting dessert mixes. Frostings. Convenient meals.

There's always someone in the family to enjoy offerings from Betty Crocker.

Green Giant
Green Giant has been growing vegetables for over a century.

Green Giant offers an extensive range of high-quality products. All are carefully selected and treated with care to retain the natural properties of fresh vegetables.

Häagen-Dazs super premium ice cream is available in a wide range of flavors. The finest ingredients and uncompromising product quality has helped make Häagen-Dazs popular worldwide.

Häagen-Dazs shops are located throughout Greece.

Nature Valley
Nature Valley offers the only crunchy granola bars in the Greek market that provide natural energy and taste – ideal for people with active lifestyles. They are made with natural and pure ingredients, and contain more than 50 percent whole grain oats.

Old El Paso
Old El Paso has been spicing up meals since its small start in 1917 as the Mountain Pass Canning Company. Old El Paso helps bring fun and flavorful Mexican food to their tables.

Popular products include dinner kits, taco shells, seasonings and a complete line of Mexican meal components.

Pillsbury was the first brand to launch chilled dough products in Greek grocery stores. Fresh croissants, pizza, ciabatta and garlic breads are easy for families to prepare, thanks to Pillsbury chilled dough.

In 2003, Pillsbury introduced the first branded, fresh sfogliata, reinforcing its status as the expert in fresh dough.

Bakeries & Foodservice
General Mills Bakeries & Foodservice offers frozen dough products such as puff pastry, croissants, cakes and cookies.

In addition to dough products, Häagen-Dazs super premium ice cream is available in bulk packaging for professionals seeking the highest standard for their customers.

General Mills is committed to providing the best from start to finish in terms of quality products, customer service, technical support and training.